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by Ron
The America We See
The view from the drivers seat has been a little different this month. Those of you who have attended one of our seminars know that Barb often talks about traveling red roads (U.S. routes). More recently our midwestern travels have taken us on many gray roads (state routes). While in our home state of Michigan we discovered that the most direct route would be a gray road and decided to use them more. Our experience eventually extended to motorhome travel. We have been pleasantly surprised with the condition of the roads and have enjoyed the pastoral settings. Yes, we have experienced winding roads and some have no shoulders. Sometimes we even have to slow up or stop for farm equipment, but what's the hurry. 

Similar to traveling red roads, we got to go through many little towns, but these towns didn't even have a stop light and only a couple of stores. The slightly larger towns were gathering places for the surrounding farms so there was usually a grain elevator present and always a couple of beautiful white churches with tall steeples. A farm supply business, a small grocery store, a coffee shop or cafe and a gas station completed the business activity. And there might be a bar where one could get a great hamburger. 

Further south, in Kentucky, the gray roads offer an opportunity to view the beautiful rolling hills of the famous blue grass country. You can see stately southern mansions setting on a hill surrounded by miles of white fences and pasture where so many thoroughbred horses roam. The little towns may offer a small upscale restaurant that attracts the affluent horse owners and breeders. 

The horrible events of September 11th have made us all appreciate how great America is and causes us to consider what is so special about our country. The full-timer sees all of America (including the back roads) and is continually amazed at it's beauty and tranquility. If only those who hate us would truly get to know us and see our every day life, they would see why we love this country and it's freedom. 

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