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by Ron
We're Not Really Lost

Most of you know that Barb really likes to travel on red roads (non interstate). We love to go through the little towns and see more of the country side. Not only is the scenery different, but when we take a wrong turn, this driver often sees more of the country than I bargained for. The unplanned route can be attributed to poor roadside signing and inaccuracy of maps. Barb has mentioned the confusing signs in North Carolina and in many cases a complete absence of signs. Thankfully a lot of this exploring has been done in our towed pick-up and it's easy to turn around.

Whether it's in the motorhome or towed car we have learned to laugh about our misadventures, but this has not always been the case. I used to grumble a lot about unhooking the towed vehicle and trying to find a farm lane where we can turn around. If it happens more than once I still get a little upset. Right here I will put in a plug for my old fashioned 15 year old Reese hitch that some make fun of  which is easy to unhook and fasten upright. 

Early in our full-timing adventure we were following Highway 1 down the eastern coast just a little north of Boston. The highway came to a fork in the road with no signing. After cussing the governor and the highway department, I elected to follow the left fork. In a little while it was apparent that we were going the wrong way. In turning around I misjudged the distance of a roadside tree and jackknifed the towed car as well as holding up traffic. In my haste in forcing a turn I dented the bumper of the towed car. If that happened today I would be more selective about turning radius and definitely more patient when executing the turn (regardless of waiting cars). Besides learning to be calm, I came up with a new strategy that you may be interested in. When traveling secondary roads and a fork in the road is not signed, always go to the right. If you do that every time the odds are that you will be right 50% of the time. We have also learned that campground supplied maps (usually on the back of your site map) are very often incomplete and definitely not to scale. 

My copilot  will still want to travel red roads and now has thrown in some gray roads (state roads), but I'm with her on this and will even unhook from time to time. It's an adventure and we have lots of time. After twelve years I have really mellowed. 

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