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by Ron
Is it Really That Important?

A couple of weeks ago this driver pulled into a beautiful wooded state park (Skidaway Island) near Savannah. It wasn't our first choice because the commercial full hook-up campground was full. The state park had extra wide sites, water, 30 amp electricity, inexpensive rates and lots of trees. The trees didn't present a problem for parking, but they were so thick that getting a satellite signal was impossible. Up until then we hadn't realized how dependent we were becoming on the many choices that our direct TV service offered. We even joked that if we missed something on the east coast we could catch it later on a west coast network station. We were hooked. Friends who joined us several days later were equally frustrated.

It was over twelve and a half years ago that we started out in that little twenty-four foot class "C" motor home and it didn't even have a TV.  Once in a while we set a little 12 volt TV up in the cab over section where it set on a make shift board arrangement. Usually we didn't even bother. We played tapes (CD's weren't around) and read books. We even talked to each other.  That was in the evening, but during the day we were so busy hiking, biking and touring that we really went to bed early. Every so often we would just sit still and that involved setting out in a lawn chair reading.  Often meals were prepared outside on the Coleman stove so we weren't inside too much.

Now back to Skidaway Island State Park. We still had three local stations, but the station talent appeared to be in training. Occasionally we would watch a favorite network show, but this was an excellent opportunity to get back to background music and some reading. How relaxing that was particularly the evenings. It was then that we decided not to turn the TV on again and we found ourselves going to bed earlier and didn't seem to waste the entire morning watching "Good Morning America" and "Regis."  Luckily I didn't have to make a choice on whether to watch CNBC (continuous business reporting on cable) and I didn't even miss the stock reports. That was relaxing in itself. 

So now we are in West Palm Beach (Lake Worth area) with excellent reception, but we are trying to cut down on the TV so as to set a good example for grandson Errki. Of course I like an occasional football game and Barb is hooked on Survivor, but outside of that we are cutting back and still thinking about the good ole days in that little class "C". 

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