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by Ron
We Deserve It

Barb and I have used this phrase often lately. It could be a combination of getting older or having spent nearly thirteen years on the road. We are at that stage where our lifestyle is changing a little and we intend to treat ourselves more. No we haven't won the lotto and our income sure hasn't changed, but we have always lived frugally and now wonder why we can't splurge a little. Someone said that the golden years are when it's time to spend the gold.

Our recent weight loss makes our clothes hang loose (baggy in my case) and we realized that our wardrobe is kind of dowdy. So.......we are enjoying shopping and taking advantage of the big sales (see we are still frugal). However, my New Year's resolution will be to loosen up a little bit. I know you can't believe that this is the old accountant talking. True, at this writing we are at Lazy Days, but let's not get carried away. We won't be buying a new coach.

Recently, Barb started me thinking. She said that from now we should only stay in full hook-up campgrounds and they should be nice. I agreed.  I know that you Quartzite fans will wince at this, but you can see our reasoning. It's really time to make our lifestyle as pleasant as possible. Our "camping days" are over and many of our contemporaries are sitting in large easy chairs surrounded by their entertainment centers in spacious quarters. We don't envy them and would never change places with them, but I want 50 amp electricity and be able to stand in the shower as long as I want. It was fun starting out in that little twenty four foot motor home and cooking over a wood fire. The rustic areas were beautiful and the Coleman stove was always set up next to lantern, but that was thirteen years ago. As my Uncle Herman would say, "I'm past that."

Tomorrow night (New Year's Eve) we will have dinner at a very expensive steak house in Tampa. They even serve the dessert in a separate room after dinner. The budget will take a good hit, but what the heck.....we deserve it. 

I know that some of you will wonder if I am going to get rid of our eleven year old towed car or at least get rid of that ugly old iron hitch. Maybe not, but at least I might consider it. We really do deserve a new car. Umm! 

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