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by Ron
Waltzing Across Texas

Traveling west through Texas can be boring, relaxing, and even interesting. Barb isn't excited about the drive, but I view it differently. Several weeks ago when we made that drive I even found myself humming the tune, Waltzing Across Texas. We have made that drive many times and one has three route choices, but it's best to avoid the northern route in the winter time. That leaves I-10 or dipping further south via US-90. We have done both and this time elected the straightest route (I-10) because we were anxious to get back to Arizona.  I know that Barb talks about traveling the red roads in our seminars, but in this case there really isn't any difference in scenery. There are miles and miles of desert, cactus, mesquite brush, and a lonesome ranch road that leads off into the distance. Surprisingly there is very little traffic and only an occasional truck. Trucks are replaced by rail traffic because the area is conducive to efficient rail transportation. The east-west train traffic is very apparent. 

So why did I enjoy this drive when Barb found it very boring. Granted she wasn't feeling well and took a nap as I was driving. I did enjoy the barren scenery as my mind wandered and I felt totally relaxed. I couldn't help but wonder who would live in towns like Ozono, Fort Stockton or Van Horn. I love Van Horn (Barb thinks that I'm nuts). The sage brush blows down through town and it reminds one of the old wild west movies. The friendly gal at El Campo campground ($13.50) has coupons for every restaurant in town plus fuel coupons. The restaurants will even pick you up. The Mexican  restaurant on the edge of town has created a John Madden shrine (the famous football announcer has his own special table because he stopped there one time on his way across the desert). I don't know if he has ever been back. John Madden doesn't like to fly and traverses the country in a bus type motorhome.

To me this area is truly frontier country. Can you imagine living miles from nowhere on a ranch without electricity and being totally self sufficient? That's where my mind wanders as I roll down this beautiful desert country (at least to me) in my comfortable motorhome with all the conveniences. I really do enjoy the trip. 

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