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by Ron
The "Do Nothing Club"

Yes, there really is a "Do Nothing Club." I forget the RV park where I saw the meeting notice, but I'm sure that their most strenuous activity is lifting a cup of coffee. Maybe we need more of these clubs. Why do we think that we must always be doing something? One of the questions that fulltimers often ask us is, "What do you do all day?" They worry about becoming bored.

If you have followed this web site you know that the Hofmeisters are always busy. But  the past six weeks we have really slowed down. We did schedule a lot of doctor and dentist appointments and had to fly back to Michigan (six days) for a family funeral. Beyond that it feels like we are doing almost nothing. Not many people know we are here and we have kept social activities to an occasional dinner out. In fact we have only played cards once. 

You might say that we have started our own do nothing club. It has been wonderful. It will only last for one more week, but we have enjoyed sleeping late after which we slowly enjoy several cups of coffee while watching Good Morning America. Except for an occasional doctor or dentist appointment this household doesn't start moving until almost noon. I don't get a newspaper and have given up watching CNBC (the business network). Both depress me too much. I would much rather read a good novel and Barb likes to read also, as well as being on the computer. We don't watch much TV and many nights we only watch the national news (also depressing). 

It's so relaxing in the evenings when we read, talk, plan, play Gin Rummy, and then cap the exciting (?) evening with a bowl of pop corn. Of course we would get tired of this after awhile, but six weeks is a perfect time to "charge our batteries." We will leave here relaxed and completely charged up. I recommend a time out once in a while. I can't give you a perspective from the drivers seat this month because I haven't been driving. 

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