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by Ron
RVer�s Are Different
We have just concluded our second camp out at Lost Dutchman State Park near Apache Junction, Arizona. There were 27 RV�s circling the group campsite and 16 folks joined us (without RV�s) for the Wednesday group potluck. The whole experience has prompted me to write about the RVing family. We call our group the Movin�On Family, but we are just part of a large RV extended family. 

RVer�s are different than their house bound neighbors by virtue of their many travel experiences and their zest for life. They love to explore and are curious as to what is around the corner. They are interesting people and a visit is never dull. 

At the camp out there was a wide variance in RV�s, income and background, but a common 
denominator was evident; they liked each other. Barb had a mixer questionnaire that encouraged everyone get to know their neighbor. She included little known facts about each one and when someone was identified, they would sign the questioner�s sheet. It was fun, but really not needed. These people were genuinely interested in each other and were mixing even before they got settled in. 

We laughed at funny situations we had all experienced and commiserated with one who had an unfortunate encounter with a gas station island pipe that very morning. I even admitted that once I had pulled away from a campsite dragging the electric cord. That prompted others to tell about other mishaps and backing experiences. As we began the story telling around the campfire, we realized that we had a common bond. We could laugh at our mishaps and we would never abandon our love of RVing adventure. Yes, even getting lost can be an adventure and there were a lot of stories about that. 

I knew it before the camp out, but had never verbalized it. These are the type of people I want to be around. 

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