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by Ron
Where Shall we Go?

You have probably heard the saying, "I never get lost, everyone tells me where to go."   It's true. Friends have been very helpful with suggestions and our atlas is full of little sticky notes listing places to visit. Some have personal addresses and others list a special restaurant, scenic areas, an exceptional RV park and many other places of interest. We appreciate this great information and we really do use it. It helps us with our recent evening pastime.

Most of you who check the web site know our schedule (I hate that word) leading up to the Life On Wheels seminars in Moscow, Idaho. We will then have two grandchildren with us for the next two weeks. We will fly them back home from Spokane on August 1st and after that we have no idea what we will do for the next six or seven weeks. That brings us back to the latest evening pastime that we have been enjoying. Picture this. Barb is at the computer with her Map and Go program on and I am right across from her on the couch with two atlases and a Trailer Life campground guide. We have agreed on some things to look for, but with one exception they are not essential. 

  • We would like to set still for most of the period or at least one month.
  • We would like to be in an area that we haven't visited before (almost impossible).
  • We have to have good access to a modem and AT&T cell phone coverage (this is essential).
  • We would like to be near a moderate sized city. 
  • It would be nice to be in a scenic area with some interesting places to visit and things to do.
  • We need to stay in the western third of the nation.
The above considerations are not in priority order and we could probably add to this list because after thirteen years of full-timing we are spoiled.  Our conversations go like this. We have been there before. That area is too touristy. The sites are too narrow and they are not modem friendly. The area is too remote. Is there a golf course near-by? Do you think we could get a monthly rate? Look in the old atlas (the one marked with highlighted routes) to see where we haven't been.  Should we go to Canada? Since we will be heading to Mesa in September this will add a lot of miles (actually this shouldn't matter). Could we catch Vegas ($) on the way back?  Isn't this fun?

Some of you may be tempted to make suggestions, but then you would take away our evening fun. On the other hand, if you really want to  tell me where to go I will at least know that  you read this column. 

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