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by Ron
It's A Matter of Timing

If you watch the business channel regularly (CNBC) you have seen a brokerage firm commercial that says timing is everything.  I don't know whether or not they are successful in timing investments, but nobody can argue with the concept. 

As full-timers we have an opportunity to time our travels and activities with more certainty than those market analysts do in the stock market. Generally our planning is good, but sometimes we have to work around other people's schedules. Recently we had two grandchildren join us for a ten day trip to Glacier National Park (one our favorite spots to take grandchildren). Because of Robyn's summer school commitment and a later date for our Life On Wheels seminars we were not able to start this adventure until July 21st. That is not the time to go to Glacier. Not only was the park crowded; the wildlife seemed to have retreated to avoid the crowds. Previous visits were earlier in the year and we had the park to ourselves. One time we even went by ourselves in September.  Late June or early September is the time to visit that park 

We don't have to go back to work or shop for school clothes, so ordinarily we can adjust our schedules to avoid the vacationers. The Washington peninsula was a joy (although rainy) in the month of June. You can forget about reservations and traffic on Highway 101 was almost non-existent. At Port Townsend we simply drove our big rig on the ferry with lots of room to spare as we headed to Whidby Island and then on to Bellingham. 

It's true that we can't avoid the popular state and national parks in the summer time, but we can time our arrival and departure. Full-timers have long learned to arrive and leave on a Sunday afternoon or Monday morning when considering a public park.  The days are long gone when we had to rush home from work on a Friday and be in line at a park three hours later hoping to get a site. Although we elected for hookups at a nearby commercial park in Glacier, we noted that there was room for our large RV right in the park during the week if one arrived early in the day. 

We even carry the timing concept further when using personal services and restaurants. I wouldn't think of going to a barber shop or doing grocery shopping on Saturday. I leave the weekends for those who have to work (ugly word). Likewise, we seldom eat out on weekends and during the week we eat early (happy hour time). 

Now if I could only time the market. 

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