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by Ron
RVers Like to Rally

As I sit here in Lazy Days' Rally Park I am watching the RVs pour in for a New Year's rally. We are parked right across from the rally complex which includes the RV office and it's interesting to watch the happy folks as they arrive.  They can't wait to be guided to their site so that the fun can begin. Many have been to this rally before and are returning to join friends they have met at previous rallies. RVers have a lot in common and many activities have been planned not to mention meals and "happy hours" together. The heated swimming pool and the hot tub will be busy, but many will just enjoy wandering over to the magnificent display area to explore the latest models. 

Attending rallies is a part of RVing and almost everyone does it. They usually identify with certain groups or organizations. Some folks are avid rally goers while many of us have slowed down to one or two a year. There are so many different types that it's hard to choose. They all have different formats as well as different fees and locations.

Up until a few years ago our favorite rallies were the Escapee's rallies and the Family Motor Coaching (FMCA) rallies. But we have now added a third and that is the Great North American RV rallies. It's a combination of Affinity Group organizations (Good Sam, Camping World and Coast to Coast) and they have a lot of talent and expertise to draw from.

Manufacturers have rallies for those who have their brand of RV and those can be very rewarding. Those attending can get ideas from others who own the same RV and the manufacturer usually has service people on hand who will do minor repairs and adjustments free of charge. Of course they will display some of their new models too. Seminars, entertainment and meals are also a part of the rally.

The Escapee rallies are usually low budget utilizing all volunteers, but the cost is low and the content outstanding. They have some of the best seminars and the atmosphere of friendly people is contagious. They even have an amateur night and arrange for good entertainment on other nights. Every night they have drawings with so many donated prizes that it's hard not to win something.

FMCA is a class rally (both regional and national) and a great bargain. They have a lot of manufacturers and vendors that sponsor events keeping the cost down and the entertainment is first class. Well known singers and performers are usually a part of the entertainment and you will have fun going through all of the large manufacture and dealer displays of new motorhomes. If you have a motorhome and belong to this organization don't miss one of their rallies.

There are many other rallies that I have not mentioned and many are just small get-to-gethers. All RVers should experience a rally after which they will make them a part of their RVing lifestyle. They provide an opportunity for meeting lots of new friends while sharing new ideas and the friendships will last beyond the rally dates. 

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