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by Ron
We Can Play Their Game Too

Oil prices are constantly being manipulated by countries (OPEC), oil companies, distributors and even wall street speculators. So what's a full timer to do? Actually we can individually play their game too. There are over a million full-timers and our business is important.

It has been a cold winter creating a demand on home heating oil and the oil companies know this. Either through poor planning or other factors there has been a spike in the price of this commodity which also affects diesel prices. Diesel fuel takes less refining and should be less expensive than gasoline, but here in Florida it is 15 cents a gallon more. Somebody is making a lot of money.

So let's use less of all types of fuel and be selective in our purchases. In our seminars Barb always says that we should slow down, travel less and enjoy the adventure. Her model of going 200 miles and staying a week can actually be changed to staying two weeks or going 100 miles thereby cutting fuel consumption in half. Slowing down on the road obviously conserves fuel, but we often forget that or are not concerned with the cost savings.  Even if we are not concerned with the extra cost, it's the principal of the thing. Let's play their game too. 

We are camped across from the check-in station at Lazy Day's Rally Park and it's amazing to me how many folks leave their units running for ten or fifteen minutes while they are registering. It not only wastes fuel but can be annoying. We have observed this in many other campgrounds.

Our little Toyota towed car only holds 12 gallons of fuel, but I still stop at the cheapest station in town even if it is only a penny. It's not the 10 cents that I save but if every one did this we could start some price wars. Likewise I plan my fuel stops with the motorhome. 

These may not seem like big actions, but if a million RVers saved ten gallons of fuel a week it would really have an impact. You do the math. Take that you oil manipulators. 

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