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by Ron
In the Middle of Nowhere

When traveling this beautiful country my copilot and I don't often disagree on places to go, but Van Horn, Texas, on US 10 is one of those places. Granted it isn't beautiful and it is barren, dusty, run down, and wind swept. So why do I like it so much?  Because it is unique and resembles one of the early western towns where so many pioneers braved the harsh conditions and survived in the wide open spaces. It's common to see sage brush rolling down the streets on most windy days and you could wake up to some snow because of the altitude. It's usually gone by noon because this desolate town is actually quite far south being about 100 miles east of El Paso, Texas.  Some of the above conditions are why Barb isn't very impressed with it and  a lot of people would agree with her.

Van Horn is an oasis (using the word loosely) in that long stretch of road across western Texas and happens to be a good stopping point for RVers, especially if you want to avoid stopping in El Paso. It's a good jumping off point going either way and many make it a point stop at El Campo RV Park where you can get a convenient level pull through site with full hook ups for about $15. The owner, Margaret, accepts all discount cards in addition to the half price Pass Port America card. She will also give you coupons for restaurants (there are several) and write on the back of your receipt that you are entitled to a discount of 3 cents a gallon at the local service station. Most folks stay only one night but you are treated like regular customers and many of us are. They even have a little church service on Sundays. 

A lot of sports fans are familiar with John Madden the talkative football announcer and former successful coach of the Oakland Raiders. Most will agree that he is one of the more knowledgeable sportscasters. John is deathly afraid of flying and travels coast to coast for broadcasting assignments in a large luxurious motorhome with his two drivers. One of John's favorite stops for dinner is in Van Horn, Texas, where he is the honored guest at Cheuy's Mexican restaurant. They have a special table where only John is allowed to sit and a John Madden Hall of Fame. When ABC did a special on Madden several months ago they showed the restaurant and also showed how the town's police car escorted his motorhome into town with sirens blaring. That special may have put Van Horn on the map. The next thing you know tour buses will be stopping there. We will also stop in Van Horn because Barb is a good sport and there really isn't any other place to stop. 

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