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by Ron
Winter Nesting Places
Many full-timers, like us, feel the need to just sit for awhile in the winter time. We join seasonal snow-birds and look for a warm nesting place. The reasons for slowing down during this time are many. One important reason is economy. Moving every week in the popular sun-belt area may be expensive. Monthly or seasonal rates can help reduce the cost. For many of us longer stays allow us to get medical check-ups or dental work done. For others, it�s an excellent opportunity to encourage family visits from the northern states. It�s also a great time to clean equipment and schedule repair work if necessary. After a winter of sitting still we are free to explore the vast northern area the rest of the year. 

So, where are the best places to settle in for the winter months? Most will note that all of the sun- belt areas have some negatives. But there is general agreement that our sun-belt locations are superior to the cold snowy winters that we used to endure up north. Many RVers migrate to the extreme southern states. In our experience, there is no perfect place, although some of you may disagree. Our negative observations are as follows: Southern Florida is humid and too crowded; Southern Texas is too windy; Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona has a lot of air pollution; Southern California is windy and crowded. This leaves a lot of other areas where we have not wintered. 

There are some hearty souls who will chance cold weather in states bordering the popular sun-belt areas. There are some interesting places where the snowbirds may experience some chilly nights or periods, but not extreme cold. For example some RVers like southern Utah (St. George area) while others find the Hill Country of Texas to their liking. Still others like some spots in Southern Georgia or Northern Florida away from the crowds and high prices. 

So, what is your favorite place? Maybe you would like to use Barb�s new message board to share it with us. Let us know why it�s your favorite and we may join you. 

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