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by Ron
A Weighty Subject

We often wondered why we would see so many seriously overweight RVers in campgrounds. But it's easy to figure out. A lot of our social activities revolve around eating. "Let's go out to dinner," is a common phrase and who hasn't encountered countless potlucks when in a destination campground. It's a great way to socialize and meet people. Everyone is anxious to share information on the best restaurants in the area while emphasizing where the best buffets are. Even when traveling alone we always search out a unique local restaurant and often ask for recommendations when checking in. During our early years of full-timing, Barb was on a mission to find the best pie in the country and she even wrote about the out of the way  places that served them. We have shared recipes in our former newsletter and on our web site.

Now we hear that America is seriously overweight---not just RVers. One school district in Arkansas is now reporting weight problems on school report cards. Even fast food restaurants have begun to offer healthy food on their menus.  Early in our twelfth year as full-timers Barb and I realized that we had accumulated extra pounds since being on the road and decided to do something about it. Our primary  motivation was health since we both had some health issues, but we also wanted to look better. It was time to update our wardrobes and we thought that that could be a motivation too. In our early years on the road we were more physically active and even had slowed down on that. What to do?

Our long time friends, Judy and Cece, then introduced us to Weight Watchers and helped us get started while in Michigan. That was over two years ago and we are still within the goals that we set and have been lifetime members for over a year. Before our monthly weigh-in I sometimes struggle for a couple of days to meet the goal. This old accountant does not want to pay the $10 if he is over his goal. It really isn't difficult because I know that a few days of sticking to a healthy and appetizing regime will get me right where I want to be. It's necessary to do this when I have sometimes indulged myself in a huge plate of ribs or dessert several nights in a row. The program allows you to do this as long as you know what you are doing and then get back on the healthy life style. We know that we can still go out to dinner with friends and except on rare occasions we can always find healthy and low fat entrees on the menu. We are big fans of Applebees and now they are coming out with a special weight watchers section on their menu. Barb is always looking at the contents on food packages as we shop and we love the handy packages of salad now available in every market. Traveling does not prevent us from finding a weight watcher center once a month as we get weighed in (life time members do this) and even when we were on the weekly program there was always a center near us. The internet provides this information (location and hours) and they are everywhere. 

RVing is a wonderful life style and by taking care of our bodies we can enjoy it even more. 

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