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by Ron
Music Soothes

Right now Barb is playing the organ in the background; its the newest addition in our home. Since Barb gave up her organ when we started full-timing I thought that it was now time to add one to our life. At the time she didn't mind because we had so many wonderful things to look forward to and we still would take plenty of tapes with us (later we would add CDs). It reminds me that music added a lot to our full-timing life and we are still continuing to favor music over television programs. We are thankful for the many continuous music channels on satellite TV and remember that was one of the reasons that I never gave up searching for a satellite signal even when we happened to be in a wooded campground. In Barb's article this month she writes about how many RVers insist on having all of the modern conveniences, but in all honesty we did enjoy our old cassette tape player in all three motorhomes and especially our ten disc CD player that we had in the Dream. While traveling down the road we could enjoy wonderful music as we looked at the beautiful country side. We even got a kick out of Willie Nelson playing On the Road Again

How many of you fondly remember the old campfire days when we would sing the well known favorites? In our early days of full-timing we once stayed at a park in Tennessee that featured a musical group every night. At a campground in Medora, North Dakota, they have country music every night out on the porch by the office (bring your own lawn chair). And what a wonderful musical experience we had in Nashville, Tennessee, long before they closed the Oprey Land Park. We have fourteen years of wonderful memories and many of them revolve around music. One New Year's Eve in Ocala, Florida, we turned up the tape player in our old Class "C" Mallard motorhome, opened the windows, and danced by ourselves on the patio under the moonlight. We had a bottle of wine out on the picnic table and we remember it as one of our best New Year's Eves.

I'm sure that you can all add to the memory bank and it may be a good time to turn off the TV (that political stuff is boring), turn on some nice soothing music and relax out on the patio (I like to add a nice drink of Scotch). But if you are up in the frigid north, you can still turn off the TV, turn on some music and think about what your full timing winters will be like away from all that white stuff.. 

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