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by Ron

 Our First Cruise

Barb has asked me to compare our first cruise to our full-timing experiences. It's hardly a fair comparison because the cruise only lasted thirteen days while our full-timing experience spanned fourteen years. Her Thoughts From Barb article expressed a lot of my thoughts, but I will add a few more comments. 

In all of our previous writings we have always stressed the importance of meeting people in the areas that we visited. Even when we visited England, Wales and Ireland, the highlights of the two trips were the opportunity to meet wonderful people. It was so interesting to learn about their culture and life-style. When traveling the United States we found interesting people wherever we went and we had fun writing about them. When biking in the United Kingdom and traveling by motorhome in the U.S. we had plenty of time to do this and we missed that opportunity on the cruise.

While on the ship we did meet some very nice people and since we were assigned to the same dinner table every night we got to know the other two couples at our table. It was interesting to find that a majority of the people we met were veteran cruisers and many had gone on more than a dozen cruises. Like us they enjoy the luxurious surroundings, gourmet food, outstanding entertainment and excellent service that one receives on the cruise ship. The ports of call and beautiful scenery add to the enjoyment.

Comparing the RVing life-style and a cruise is like comparing apples to oranges. Both can be wonderful. Barb and I like the flexibility that the RV provides and not being on a schedule, but the cruise has wetted our appetites for more foreign travel at a leisurely pace. We want to learn and experience more. I guess that we both want more than just going on a cruise all the time.

Would we go on another cruise?  Of course we would. But it's only part of the plan.

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