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The original Crooked Feather was presented to the city of Ocean Springs, Mississippi by Peter Toth in 1976. 

Peter is best known as a 'humanitarian' artist with a dream to honor the Native Americans by creating a giant Indian statue in each of the 50 states. Since beginning his mission "with hammer and chisel" in 1971, Peter has donated 67 Whispering Giants (20 to 40 feet
tall) in all 50 U.S. States and Canada. Peter's giant statues are prominently displayed in parks, on museum grounds, Indian Reservations, Interstate Welcome centers, and library and courthouse lawns. The small wood and stone statues that Peter creates at his studio, have funded his travels and are collected by museums, corporations, and most often by "just everyday private collectors."

Time and weather eroded the original hand-carved cedar sculpture. In 1999, repair efforts, due to the extent ot the damage were abandoned. Ocean Springs officials chose to replace the 24-year old statue and Ocean Springs sculptor Thomas King was hired to do the job.