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The Samoa Cookhouse is the last lumber camp style cook house in operation in North America. The cook house was originally operated by one of the last company owned towns in the U.S and meals have been served here continusouly for over 105 years. In fact the camp workers were served until the late 1960's when the cook house was opened to the public.

Each meal is served at long community type tables and is family style so it is all you care to eat; there is no menu. You get what is being served for the day. The day we had lunch there, we were served pea soup which was excellent, salad, bread, short ribs, noodles, green beans, drinks and cobbler for dessert. We did not eat anything for dinner that night. Meals are reasonable too. Lunches are $8.45 and dinners are $11.95. Oh and seniors get a 10% discount. They also serve breakfast but I didn't notice the prices. Since this place is so much a part of history we think everyone needs to eat here at least once.