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The picture is of the rudder from the M. M. Drake and was taken at the Shipwreck Museum which is at Whitefish Point in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 

M. M. Drake
 TD1 31167.5 TD2 47569.3
Depth (Min/Max) 40/50
Type Wooden Steamer

On October 2, 1901, the steamer M. M. Drake, was towing the schooner-barge Michigan when they ran into a storm. The Michigan took on water and signaled the Drake for help. The Drake dropped the tow line and circled back to help. A wave slammed the ships together, knocking over the stack on the Drake and smashing the cabins. The crew of the Michigan climbed to the Drake and the Michigan disappeared. With no stack on the Drake, the fires soon went out and the ship was without power. The crew signalled for help and were answered by the Northern Wave and the Crescent City. All but one member of the Drake and Michigan crews were rescued.
The M. M. Drake was built in 1882, by the Union Dry Dock Company in Buffalo, New York, and was 201 feet long with a beam of 34.5 feet. The ship was a bulk freighter and carried a gross tonnage of 1102 tons. 

For more information on the Shipwreck Museum please visit their web site.