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Yes, we were at what is called Underground Atlanta. 

Where it is

Underground Atlanta and 5 Points is located in the heart of downtown. This historic center of Atlanta is site of the Zero Milepost, which marked the terminus of the Western & Atlantic Railroad.

Underground Atlanta is located on 12 acres of land, and is a $142 million nightclub and shopping center. It's been recently rennovated, and is a shining example of Atlanta's spirit. This thriving area has several sightseeing attractions, including a walking tour, the Coca Cola Pavilion, and the waterfalls of Peachtree Fountain Plaza.

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History of the Area

The Zero Milepost marked the center of Atlanta and the terminus of the Western & Atlantic Railroad- in fact, Atlanta was once known as "Terminus", though by the time the first train pulled into town the city's name was changed to Atlanta.

The 5 points/Underground area became a busy marketplace. A part of Underground Atlanta, Humbug Square, was a well-known hangout for con artists and street vendors in the early 1900's. In the early 1900's the street system was elevated above the area, due to heavy traffic and railroad congestion.


Underground Atlanta is a prime tourist spot in Atlanta. You'll find over a dozen nightclubs here, as well as a Visitor's Bureau. Admission is free, MARTA goes directly to Underground at the 5 Points Station.