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The Little Greenbriar school is in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. To find the school you must take a little hike. Park at Mecalf Bottoms and walk across the bridge. Take the Metcalf Bottoms Trail 0.6 mile to the Little Greenbrier School. If you wish, you can continue 1.0 mile from the school to the Walker Sister's farmstead on the Little Brier Gap Trail. The Little Brier Gap Trail starts at the barricade uphill from the school.

From All the  I found this information. 

Just a mile through the forest from Metcalf Bottoms lies the Little Greenbrier School. This charming 19th-century schoolhouse evokes the simpler education of years gone by. Built from logs split up to two feet wide, the school also served as a church from 1882 until the Park's creation. The original benches and desks still line the room, along with a lectern and a painted blackboard.

And this if from our diary the day we discovered this school:
"We went into the park (Smoky Mountains National Park) and turned left towards Elkmont then pulled into the Metcalf Bottoms picnic area. We drove to and over the bridge and up this narrow, scary, one-way gravel road. At the top we found the Greenbrier school. It was a  wonderful one room school. The desks were still there just as it had been. Then we walked the road that no one ever goes to and finally found the Wallace sister's place. Oh it was eerily wonderful. There were things in there and on the porch which made it seem as though they still lived there and we were trespassing. I so wanted to feel what life was like back then for those five sisters who lived there alone. Still there was the spring house, smoke house and the house with flowers they had planted still growing as though someone still cared."