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Les & Des are fulltimers, and work in the prison ministry as they go. "We can not imagine life back in a home without wheels.  We travel  in a 73 GMC classic.  Even though we only have 26ft, it is our  home."
Remodeling the Old Motorhome
by Les and Des

I don�t think that a single year of our twenty-one year marriage has gone by that my wife has not caught the bug. Oh, I�m not talking about the flu or the common cold. I�m speaking of the dreaded disease �I-think-it-should-go-over-here-itis!� You know what I�m talking about! You�re sitting there totally involved in your favorite television program, movie, or sports event. All of a sudden, this voice comes out of nowhere. �You know, Dear, I�ve been thinking about the couch.� In the back of your mind you know better than to respond �We�re losing by one touchdown (or goal or basket or whatever), there�s less than two minutes to play and you�re thinking about the couch?� Instantly you realize that if those words come out of your mouth, a penalty flag will be thrown and it won�t be in the television set! Instead, you try the �If-I-ignore-it,-it-will-go-away� gambit and reply with a non-committal �hmmm��. It doesn�t work! �I think it should go over here.� Checkmate! At this point the dye has been cast. There is no way out. �But Dear, if we put the couch over there, we won�t be able to see the TV�, you deftly parry. �Oh, that�s OK. I think it should go over here.� (You�re going down the tubes fast!) �But Darling Heart, the cable is on the other side of the room.� �You can move that.� The game has now ended and you have no idea who won! You do know it 
wasn�t you! 

I must confess, I am most blessed among men. I have a wonderful wife who will take her I-think-it- should-go-over- here-itis� and proceed to make it happen without my help. In fact, I would sometimes come home from work and have to walk back outside to check the house number in order to be sure that I was in the right house! As long as I didn�t get up in the middle of the night and try to make it to the refrigerator, I would usually be OK. 

However, a year ago we moved into our motorhome. �I-think-it-should-go-over-here� has taken on a whole new dimension! You see, motor home furniture is pretty much permanently attached. Now, I�m sure the manufacturers had a perfectly good reason for bolting everything down. But they obviously didn�t discuss it with my wife first! Before we moved in, I heard �The Voice.� �I think the dinette set should go over here. And maybe the couch should go over here. And, by the way, an �L� shaped couch might be nice.� Well, I have learned a few things in twenty-one years of home improvements. A few swipes of the Binford T-6000 Heavy Duty chain saw and it was a done deal. 

That was last spring. This spring, once again, a young man�s thoughts turn to love and a young woman�s thoughts turn to remodelling. And so it was that I found myself on a day in early August, staring at a pile of wood, metal, screws, bolts --- and a completely gutted living room. Thoughts of �what happens if we never get this back together� kept going through my head. We were past the point of no return. Our couch was a pile of wood outside the door. The dinette was a second pile of wood. Our first step was to put down wood-pattern linoleum tile to hide the ugly yellow 70�s-style shag carpet that my wife had grown so much to hate. Well, that wasn�t so bad. Next we installed a computer desk that we had found at a used furniture store. We had carefully calculated that there would be room for both of us to work side-by-side. In addition, the desk would just fit along side a two-drawer file cabinet, also purchased from the used furniture store. Our reasoning was that we could use the desk as both a work station and a breakfast bar. 

We next purchased two pre-fab cabinets from Lowes that we could customize with drawers, shelves or baskets in any way that we desired. But here we got a little surprise! We had to build a platform for the cabinets to sit on because the heating duct had to run underneath the cabinet. 

When all of this was completed, we had more questions than answers! Had we added too much extra weight? How would the motorhome travel? On August 9th - 11th we took our �maiden voyage.� I�m happy to report that the motorhome did wonderfully! Even the printer remained in it�s place on top of the file cabinet as we travelled. Nothing moved! I must also be truthful and say that this was really one of the best ideas that my wife ever had. We are both really happy with our �travelling office.� We have more storage space and it is more convenient to get to things. Our work environment is perfect and we�ve turned the driver�s compartment into a living room. 

I wisdom dwell with Des, and find out knowledge of witty inventions. (Loosely paraphrased from Proverbs 8:12) 

BTW - the linoleum did not work. We recarpeted this past summer.