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volume 5                        November  1994                         number 8
Atmosphere and Activities Abound 
At Valle del Oro in Mesa, Arizona
This story has been on our site for a long time; if you would like to see it again, click here.Valle del Oro
Phoenix & Mesa, Arizona
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�  Signs and Things
In the next issue (December0 we will do some sightseeing in the Phoenix area. There's lots to see and we hope you will be with us. 

                                      by Ron
(Please remember that this report was written many years ago and the campgrounds may or may not be in business or as they were.)

The following two campgrounds are excellent for an overnight stop and that's what we used them for. 

Vegas R.V. Park, Las Vegas, New Mexico. This park is a little over 3 miles from I-25 and is a good stopping point between Albuquerque and Denver. They have mostly pull-throughs and full hook-ups for only $13. The hook-ups are good and the sites are level. Restaurants and shopping are close by. 

Cibola Sands R.V. Park, Grants, New Mexico.  Just a couple of blocks off of I-40 this park is similar to the Vegas Park above, only it is a dollar cheaper with your Good Sam discount. You will find good hook-ups, level sites, pull-throughs, laundry and a friendly host at this park. You will be near some interesting national park sites. El Malpais National Monument (volcanic area) is just a few miles away and El Morro National Monument---famous for "inscription rock" is 42 miles west of Grants. 

Valle Del Oro R.V. Resort, Mesa, Arizona. The main story has covered this resort very well, and by now you have probably guessed that a one or two night stay here would be a little awkward. The check-in procedure would take awhile and then you would have to wait for an escort to your site. If you do visit here, plan on having a long sewer hose because the connections are all at the back of the lot in order to accommodate park models that may eventually occupy the site. Cable TV is available (for a fee), but local reception is excellent. Needless to say the sites are spacious with a large cement patio and some desert landscaping. Depending on site assignment, you may need your bike or car when participating in clubhouse activities. This is a big place.

              by Ron 
When I see all the seniors having fun in the sun at hundreds of parks in the sunbelt, I wonder if anybody is still working. I hope so, now that I am on social security.

Did you ever notice that the number of tests ordered by doctors and hospitals is in direct correlation to the amount of insurance that you have?

I am continually overwhelmed by the number of loving cards, letters, and notes we get every week. Our neighborhood is the USA and our friends can be found in every part of our neighborhood. Some of you we haven't even met yet. You are all a blessing to us.

Barb mentions that the Waples flew in from San Antonio, Texas, to see us and now we just found out that the Joy's from Marshall, Minnesota, will fly out to see us at Desert Hot Springs, California, in January. More visits from friends in Michigan will be reported in the next newsletter. You make us feel very special.

My loving sister sent me some unkind sarcastic clippings regarding Michigan State's loss to that Ann Arbor school she graduated from. She doesn't know that those from E. Lansing are all happy about the loss. How else can we get rid of coach Perles?

Have you noticed that just when you can afford to buy good scotch and go out to dinner a lot, the doctor says, �No. No!!!?�

Cities like Mesa are expanding more and more into the desert. Where does all the water come from? 

Good Places to Eat
(Remember that this report was written many years ago and the restaurants may or may not be in business or as they were.)

Rustlers Rooste, at Pointe Hilton On South Mountain, Phoenix. The view, especially in the evening is spectacular since you are up above the lights of the city. This is a casual, western eatery which specializes in ribs, steaks and just about anything that can be barbecued. The country western music was a bit loud. We were with friends and weren't able to carry on any conversation. You can make a grand entrance if you like by sliding down the slide to the dining room. Of course you may also take the stairs. Food was plentiful and good and inexpensive.

Anzio Landing Italian Restaurant, Corner Higley & Mc Dowell, Mesa. This World War ll theme restaurant is located along a runway at the airport in Mesa, and the view from the window is vintage air planes. Inside 40's music plays and framed newspaper stories, pictures of airplanes and such add to the atmosphere. We went at the busy lunch time but were served immediately. We all tried the lasagna and gave it a definite thumbs up. The prices were reasonable and the portions very adequate. In fact, we were so full, we didn't eat dinner that evening.

The Farmhouse, Gilbert Road, Gilbert (just a few miles south of the Superstition Freeway). This is truly a farmhouse in a country setting. Each of the original rooms are fitted with various sized tables and there is also a patio. They are open for breakfast and lunch 9 a.m.--- 2 p.m.. The menu which looks basic is deceiving. For example the bacon, potato & cheese omelet was so thick with goodies I could not eat it all. Take a friend and split the meal. Even the toast was huge; imagine the cinnamon rolls.


Like a Letter From Home

...Like everyone else writes and says �your letters are like a letter from home� to us also. I would really recommend all new full-timers to subscribe. 

Well we finished up on our job here in Wisconsin today. We will head to Michigan on the northern route. We are hoping that we haven't missed all the fall colors. We will spend some time with all our kids before we go south. A month from now we will be in Louisiana setting up the Christmas tree lot. This past year flew by...

Pam & Bob Flint
Full-timers from Michigan 

Wanted to Travel for Years

... For years we have wanted to travel, but really haven't even taken very many vacations. The old nose is pretty sharp from being at the grindstone all these years! Always we have said �When we retire....� 

Well, Dawson is 64 this year and I will be 60 in December, and we had better start serious planning, as we see too many friends dying at age 65 and younger! Your book and newsletter are our start. I liked the tip from Maureen Brague about a �hope chest in a notebook.�...

I am a great �saver of things,� a legacy from growing up in the Great Depression, so it will take a couple of years of �snow birding� before I would want to give up my �things,� but I think it will come. All ready I look around and think that I would hate to leave this mess for my children to have
to clean up....

Alice & Dawson Case
Ranchester, Wyoming

Learned from Campground Hosting

...Your experience scares all of us and your newsletter may have reached some �dude� out there who was postponing diagnostic tests! �If we don't take care of our bodies, where will we live?�

Our five week campground hosting stint taught us alot about us, our needs, our trailer and people. Both of us want to do it again. We had a beautiful lake shore campsite in return for easy, interesting duties a few hours each day. And it felt good to have "purpose."  So far, we still have not experienced the luxury of full-hookups. Still even without electricity, all our needs were met. Temperatures dipped into the thirties and we were so relieved to have our
beautiful trailer instead of our old pop-up. 

Our next adventure will take us to Borg State Park near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the state of Wisconsin will host their first campground hosting seminar. We are bound to learn a lot from experienced RVing campers and we're looking forward to swapping tales with other hosts....

Marlys & Bernie Mc Gaver
Dresser, Wisconsin

Planning This Move A long Time

Just purchased your book, An Alternative Lifestyle. What a marvelous publication!! Just what we have been looking for as we start planning (in great detail) our retirement. We have really been planning this move for over 20 years now, but the reality is only 1 ½ -2 years away. Your book will be a great tool for us to use in this pursuit....

You have been so thorough in detailing each and every section. Some of the things we already knew about and lot of them we didn't. I was just playing a guessing game as to how much to budget for what expenses.

Keep up the good work !!!!! Right now we are a little envious of your lifestyle.

Robert & Toni Shields
Yucaipa, California

In Livingston, Texas

We are here in Livingston messing about with banks, bank loans for buying a vehicle, driving licenses, insurance and so on and so forth. Am trying to stay calm! Victoria is interviewing people for a book she is writing. Some wonderful mountain people in North Carolina and now it's the mother of the Mayor of Livingston. Quite a mix....

Robin & Victoria Jenkinson
New full-timers from France

Will Share Article With Club 

...So glad to read that you are movin' on again.... We have been having beautiful weather in Oklahoma, but the weather will soon be cold and we will be thinking of heading for warmer weather. Have not decided where yet. We don't have to make that decision until we start the engine of the motorhome. Then we will go west or south ???

We spent a couple of weeks in Apache Junction 3 or 4 years ago. We enjoyed the area. 

Thanks for the article �When there's smoke...Get out.� Gives me a lot to think about. I plan to share it with our camping club at our next campout. Again our prayers are with you as you continue on your journey.

Leta & Clair Callahan
Midwest City, Oklahoma

Really Enjoying the Newsletter

So glad to be on your "list." Daryle & I have about four years to retirement and will go full-time too. So anything we can read about preparation for this part of our life is appreciated! Things like receiving mail, phone contact, etc., etc.! We are really enjoying the newsletter. Gives us the feeling of traveling before retirement at your expense!....

Joan & Daryle Fountain
Ionia, Michigan

Believe in Miracles

I was so sorry to hear about the results of Ron's surgery. My prayers are with both of you. Despite the fact that we have never met, I value our �friendship.�

I am so glad that you are learning about imaging and positive thinking. It works!!  You yourselves in your book wrote about a young girl who was diagnosed terminal and who, after living life as she wanted, travel ing, etc., overcame her illness. Believe in miracles---they happen everyday!

Maureen Brague
Ft Myers, Florida

Will Full-time in 34 Months

Just finished reading your October issue of Movin' On. So glad to know you are both well enough to Move On. ? Quite an unexpected ordeal the two of you had! We're the couple with the 40 ft Carriage 5th wheel and plans for full-timing in 34 months. That sounds shorter than 3 years. We just took a week off from driving our 18-wheeler, cleaned the inside of our camper and waxed the exterior. Sure made us wish we could hit the road in it Right Now!

I notice we are down to #1 on our copy of Movin' On. Am enclosing our check.... I plan to start to re-read your book... when we go back out on the truck. I enjoyed it so much the first time and I'm sure it will be even better the 2nd time.

Loran & Shelby Haney
Monette, Arkansas

Enjoyed First Motorhome trip

Your story of living on the road was recently forwarded to us by our daughter from a Colorado newspaper. She knows how much my husband and I enjoyed our first motorhome trip this summer as we spent two months together, side-by-side, exploring Canada and Alaska. It was great. In fact it started in Golden with her wedding. Really beats canoe camping on river banks!

We can see why you choose to live on the road. If you don't like your neighbors, you just say "Adios Amigos," to quote a friendly, Texas RVer that we met while camping in a gravel pit in Alaska. Please add us to your newsletter mailing list.

We're interested in hearing more of your thoughts and experiences....

Mary Ellen & Jack Jones
Colton, New York

Devoured Every Issue and Book

Please note our change of address! Today, Oct 3, is our first day on the road as full-timers. We've devoured every issue of Movin' On as well as your books. And we have taken a lot of advise from you and your readers. I'm sure we'll learn a lot more in the miles to come, but we are really excited and comfortable with our change of lifestyle. We have a 37' Holiday Rambler and tow a Mercury Tracer. Hopefully we'll meet somewhere along the way.

Joyce & Fred Baldwin
New full-timers from Rochester, MN

What a Great Time CD-ROM Is

I held my breath with concern over Ron's surgery and now I can release a lot of it. Because I can feel your totally positive attitudes, I know that everything will turn out okay.

I am glad that Barb's surgery was followed by some quick recovery. At least you have moved from Colorado to Arizona for a while. After a second opinion, maybe you will be able to push the problem to the deepest reaches of your minds and plug along.

Have you people considered getting a CD-ROM drive for the computer? I have had one since I got the 486-DX 66 and now most of my software comes that way. Many programs are available free. Just check the magazines for demos or others that are full programs. What a great time the CD-ROM is when you also can listen to music while you are making up the newsletter. I am presently listening to Yanni's Live at the Acropolis Concert. I am practically dancing in my chair while I am typing this letter.... Enjoy Arizona. I wish we were on our way to another place. Well, only about 15 months till retirement. Although there could be an early retirement incentive program soon from Northrop. They have offered it to management but not to us union workers yet, but it is being looked at. I don't think we will full-time any sooner than April of 96, but one never knows, does one.

Bill & Bea Scheurweghs
Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Everyone needs goals

We just read and appreciated very much your latest Movin' On. Thanks for sharing our letter in the latest issue. Hopefully, it will help someone as you both have helped us. Isn't it wonderful that we have a chance to support each other? Your book, and ongoing newsletters have helped so many of us "get off our duffs" and get on with the rest of our lives in the unique world of full-timing. You must be continually amazed at what you've started, linking people all over the country. It's always amazing how God uses people, and how one life can affect others in a positive way. We can imagine an invisible chain linking all our RVs in the world's largest caravan.... We respect you guys so much for sharing your recent medical news with us in the newsletter. 

Ron: Your party is on our calendar!! Big Time!! We all need goals and can't think of a better one than South Padre.

Barb: You wrote...the Dr. said, "they should continue their life.. and that they should have several good years yet." It crossed our mind, in view of all you've been through plus this latest news that the Dr. really disclosed what is a truth not only for you..., but also for Nancy, Warren and hundreds of full-timers who are tuned into your lives and this lifestyle.

For all of us the question is: Is it several hours?, several days?, several years? or several decades? of good years left....

So what we do with all our tomorrows is really the most important thing. You both have a great start by publishing the newsletter.... 

...the most important thing, in our opinion, is to do our best to Really Appreciate Each and Every Day Still Allotted To Us....

Nancy & Warren Jesser
San Antonio, Texas

This 'N That
by Barb

I know I said that I wouldn't do another newsletter until December, but there was just too much for one issue. There will be another one in your mailbox early in December and it will cover lots of fun things to do outside of the park.

After five and one half years without a phone of my own, I forgot how nice they are. We have a phone here. Since we were going to be in one spot for two months, and since the park is wired for telephone, we paid the price to be hooked up. To set us up, it cost $41.50, but the savings in not having to use the calling card are amazing. Also a savings is that folks can call us. But more than that, it is fun to have a real yellow pages (that's not attached to a short, hard to handle cord). And it is not torn to bits, or weathered beyond recognition. We let or "fingers do the walking" to find a dentist, Toyota dealer, RV dealers, beauty shop and restaurants. Oh it is such fun! I will probably cry having to give it up when we leave the end of November. 

We sent out post cards to family and close friends when we knew what our phone number would be (about 5 days before we actually got the phone). Good friend Norma Neve from Northport, Michigan, was the first to call. She was excited to be the first. My sons Robert and Jim were next and we talked so long that no one else could call that evening. 

The trip here was great, even though we just zipped along (no sightseeing stops). I usually protest such long days, but I kept busy folding and collating your last newsletter as we rolled along the first day. It kept me occupied the whole day, since my folding helper was driving. Did you notice that it was mailed from Albuquerque? To make the best time, we traveled I-25 to I-40 until we got into Arizona (I really dislike the interstates). We ducked south on 191 to 61 and some of that ride was breathtaking. The area around Show Low and the Salt Canyon is spectacular. It was a curvy, steep, mountainous road which the ole Bounder handled easily---went right up those hills without a groan.

You all have our book, don't you? Remember the first story in More from Movin' On about Mr. Curtis, the elderly camper? Well, I recently talked to my friend Carolyn (his granddaughter), and she tells me that at 98, he is still doing great. He failed his driving test seven times, but he still drives. When the police told him that he couldn't drive anymore, he asked how they expected him to get to his dances and to get groceries? When they suggested he take a bus, he said he didn't have time to wait on a bus. They suggested a taxi and he said he couldn't afford that. And this year for the first time, he told his daughter that he wasn't going to get his physical or get his teeth cleaned---said he just couldn't be bothered with that stuff anymore. 

We found another wonderful, friendly church here. St Lukes in Mesa, is very large, but feels like a little church. All the members wear pretty name tags so I suppose it is easy to spot a visitor. They don't hesitate to put out their hands to every visitor either, and it is helpful for us to get to know their names. Why don't all churches do that?

We were happy that some of you were able to drop by recently. Before we left Denver, we finally met Carol and Dick Stewart and after two separate visits of only a few hours each, we felt like we had known them forever. I took their picture so all of you could see what they look like and intended to run it this issue, but the whole roll was printed too light. It will be a week before I get it back so...next time. Bette & Clyde Salter also caught us in Denver on their way from Yellowstone to Albuquerque. It was great seeing them again. And as soon as we got here, long time friends Ed and Laurie Waples made a special trip from San Antonio, Texas, to spend a few days with us. What fun! We love company.

Boy we've been busy and will continue to be while here! The Arizona Republic interviewed us and the story will run in the Sunday travel section soon. We just did a book signing at Camping World. Nov. 7 will find us on a morning radio talk show in Salina, Kansas, (telephone interview). Ron & I are doing our full-timing seminar at Earnhardt's RV in Mesa (Nov. 12 & 19) and we'll be live on Channel 10's Arizona Today show Nov. 11 (7-9 a.m.). They will try to do a remote from our motorhome. The Mesa, Tribune is also planning on doing a story on full-timing and us.

We have to give Ron's son David all the credit for the radio interview coming up.He is an assistant manager at a Best Inn in Illinois and Pat Ackley, radio talk show host from Kansas, was at the motel as a guest and noticed his name tag. She asked if he knew us because she had seen a Hofmeister on Good Morning America and wanted to have us on her morning radio show. Small world!

Ron and I are both doing great. His visits with the doctors at Mayo have been thorough and the reports are good. A spot that had appeared on a rib is completely gone. He is dealing with his previously undiagnosed diabetes and has been able to control it with diet and exercise. Even though busy, we still manage to walk four miles, six days a week. We got in the habit of walking separately because of our surgeries but really like it. It's a good time to be apart for mental imaging and thinking.

Susan Britsch, one of our readers, recently sent us a copy of her new book. Travelin' Tips & Tastes is an adorable, little cookbook especially designed for the RV traveler. We reprinted one of her great recipes on page 9. Beefed up Biscuit Casserole

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