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by Ron & Barb 
And we have been lots of neat places.
 Movin' On 
(our old paper newsletter) lives again in these reprints of our exciting journeys from 
Movin' On's beginning in October 1990 to the last issue in February 1998. 
With the August 1995 issue I am now including Coffee Break as it was in each issue.

Please keep the dates in mind when you read these stories.
Some businesses may be out of business or not as they were.
February 1998
Camp-Out was a Huge Success
This was the last of the paper newsletters.From this point on everything was put on the web site. 
January 1998
Christmas at Valle del Oro 
December 1997
Our Reasons for Liking Mesa and Valle del Oro RV Resort
October-November 1997
Finally Sitting Still---At Least for a Little While
September 1997
From Indiana to Ohio---The Long Way Around
 July-August 1997
Ron's Birthday and More Family Visits in Michigan
June 1997
Together at Last---Barb's Children and Families Gather in Colorado
May 1997
What a Contrast!---Populous Las Vegas & Lonely Roads in Nevada
April 1997
Stops Along the Way---From Florida to California
March 1997
Moving West---Fast 
January 1997
Movin' In to our New Dream Home
November 1996 
Red Roads all the Way
October 1996
Fun at the Fall Escapade
September 1996
Water Water Everywhere---Michigan's Northwestern Lower Peninsula
July 1996
Having Fun in Michigan---State Parks, Sand Dunes, Big Lakes and Small towns.
June 1996
Still Moving North---Through Missouri & Illinois Then Into Michigan
May 1996
On The Road Again (From Texas to Missouri)
April 1996
Viva Mexico---Adventures on a 7 Day Bus Tour to Mexico City
February 1996
Visitors Keep Hofmeisters Busy + part two of An Alaskan Adventure
January 1996
Christmas at Home in Port Isabel, Texas this year + part one of An Alaskan Adventure
December 1995
Working and Playing (mostly playing) in Port Isabel, Texas
November 1995
Bounders Galore 
October 1995
Colorado---Mountains, Mining Towns and Monuments
September 1995
We Discover Idaho---Wheat, Whitewater, Wilderness, Wonderful Parks
August 1995
Our Summer Vacation---Friends, Granddaughters and Exciting Travels
July 1995
Washington---The Olympic Peninsula and Then Some
June 1995
Two Sides of Oregon---The Awe-inspiring Coast and Her Largest City--Portland
May 1995
Phoenix to Reno---the long way
March 1995
Death Valley, Las Vegas and Sedona, Arizona
February 1995
The Coachilla Valley of California
December 1994---More from Mesa
In and Around Mesa is the main story
November 1994---Mesa, Arizona
Valle del Oro is highlighted
October 1994--Getting ready to leave Denver
Good article on fire in RVs
September 1994 Sidetracked in Denver
Barb has surgery and Ron prepares for surgery too.
July 1994 Colorado 
May 1994 New Mexico
April 1994  Central and West Texas
March 1994- South and Central Texas
January 1994---South Padre Island, Texas
December 1993---South Padre Island, Texas
November 1993---North Dakota to Texas
October 1993---Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota
August 1993---Amish Country Indiana/ Frankenmuth, Michigan and more
June/July 1993---More from the Texas Hill Country
April 1993---Texas Hill Country
March 1993---Texas Hill Country
January 1993---Florida to East Texas
December 1992 --- Florida
November 1992--Florida
October 1992  Northeast Travels---History, Harbors, Lobsters & Family
September 1992---Our Summer in Michigan
July/August 1992 Our second bicycle trip in England
May/June 1992---The Hill Country of Texas
March/April 1992 --- Arizona and Texas
January 1992---Souhern California
December 1991--- Las Vegas and California/Arizona border
November 1991--- Thrills in Utah
October 1991--- Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming
September 1991--- Our new car and Yosemite to Oregon
 July 1991 ---The Pioneer History Center in Yosemite
June 1991--- More about Yosemite
May 1991--- Campground hosting in Yosemite National Park
April 1991--Heading to Yosemite with stops in NM and AZ
March 1991--Fort Davis Texas
February 1991-The Hill Country of Texas
January 1991---Mission, Texas
also Houston, Spring and Galveston, TX
December 1990--Hot Springs and a trip (car) to Michigan
November 1990 -- Hot Springs, Arkansas
October 1990 --  Michigan heading to Arkansas

To learn a little more about Movin' On, click here.