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History of Movin' On
We started our newsletter in January of 1990 as a way of keeping family and friends up to date on our newly chosen lifestyle. It was one page (both sides) and very amateurish. We had just learned to use our computer and had picked up a very simple newsletter program. Take a peek by clicking on the image here. Nevertheless the stories remain a diary of our early adventures. 

By the time we ceased publication, we had over 800 subscribers and it had become a full-time job. It was replaced with our electronic newsletter. 

Choose one or more in any order and see where we were and what we did. Some of the newsletter stories appeared in our first book, and when possible I am including them again with pictures so you have the feel of the whole newsletter. We are not reproducing each whole newsletter---just the main stories, Potpourri, This 'N That and some selected things of interest.  We start with the October 1990 issue. I will add new issues regularly.