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There's a tiny bit of Alabama that touches the Gulf of Mexico. It is sandwiched between Florida and Mississippi and is very popular as a winter destination paradise. While the temperatures are not as warm as Florida the beaches are the prettiest white sand we have ever seen. 

We stayed at our home Coast to Coast park (Wilderness) which was just south of I-10 and closer to Loxley than Robertsdale which they gave as the mailing address. Although it was about 30 miles from the ocean it was a pleasant place to stay. We noticed that there was another Coast to Coast park nearby as well as a Good Neighbor Park and an Escapee park. No reason not to spend a little time in the area.

Wilderness RV Resort (a Coast to Coast campground)

From our home park we drove to Gulf Shores and were amazed at the large state park (Gulf State Park) which was full of snow birds. The monthly rates are reasonable and they even have regular activities like some of the RV resorts. The best part is it is just across from those lovely beaches.  Ron would like to spend a winter there sometime. We understand that they do accept reservations, but only reserve part of the park; in fact, the park is all ready full for the 2000-01 season, BUT if you arrive before January, you will be able to get a site for the whole winter. Friends do just that. They arrive even earlier, yet stay for the whole winter. 

We took another drive to the quaint little town of Fairhope which is advertised as a "Historic Village of Flowers on Mobile Bay." It was lovely. This town is unique in that it is one of only two single tax colonies in the country--- the city owns all the property and leases it out. Here are some other interesting facts about Fairhope.

Downtown Fairhope

  • In 1994 Money Magazine named Fairhope the #2 Retirement Community in the entire nation, citing economic, social, recreational and environmental factors.
  • National newspapers and magazines such as Southern Living have featured Fairhope's visionary beautification and retirement programs and facilities.
  • Is the only Alabama city with no municipal sales tax.
  • Sits beside the highest coastal point between Mexico and Maine.
  • Hosts one of the top ten Arts and Crafts Festivals in the country.
  • Has the largest crepe myrtle tree in the state of Alabama.
  • In 1997, the "Nations in Bloom" competition in Madrid, Spain, honored Fairhope as the only U.S. city to be invited and recognized for its lavish use of flowers in gardens, parks and floral displays throughout downtown and all municipal facilities, which has also encouraged such attention by city residents and businesses. 
Country Classics 

David Parker with his steel guitar (one of several different instruments he plays)
If you are staying at a campground near Loxley you are invited to a free concert on Saturday evening. We had heard about the good fun and since It was just down the street from Wilderness we went. What a time we had.

Ever since 1994 David Parker has invited the guys over to his house for a jam session on Saturday evenings. The wives came too and it just became a regular fun time. For a treat, the gals usually brought desserts, but that evolved to covered dishes. As time went on, friends would come to listen and it grew and grew until they out grew the living room. Recently David built a music building beside his home. When you arrive a little after 7 p.m., on a Saturday evening, the chairs are all set up and the musicians are getting warmed up. The show begins shortly after that. There is no charge but there is a jar for a free will donation and they have a 50/50 drawing early in the evening. Then at break time, everyone is invited to partake of the pot luck---even if you didn't bring anything. David's wife, Marilyn, said that when folks come the first time, they don't know about the pot luck so they get fed anyway, but usually when folks come the second time, they bring a dish too. 

Besides David Parker the guys in the band are: James Thompson, piano; Al Ward, lead guitar; Floyd Collins, lead singer; Roy Glass, base; Lee Pollett, fiddle; and Charles Hatcheck (I can't read my notes for what he plays). 

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