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We had fully intended to spend a lot of time on the Oregon Coast and even planned on driving straight up U.S. 101 from California. But our battery and generator problem meant we had to get to a city with facilities. We kind of planned to go to Bend once upon a time too, because I wanted to go back to that neat city, but things change. We needed new batteries and the generator needed some attention.

We had made an appointment to stop on our way into Medford at Andy Anderson Enterprises (in Rogue River) for new batteries.  Ron had attended his seminar at the Escapade and felt that he would do  a good job. It was a little tricky getting to his house, but we did it. By the way he has a good web site with lots of technical information. Look it up at www.batterystuff.com

After the new batteries were installed (four house batteries) and in the same day we happened to meet up with friends Judy and Cec at the Cummins/ Onan place in Medford. We felt that we needed an oil change on the generator because it quit running while we were at Petaluma. They were there for  service too so we all camped for the night behind Cummins. Early the next morning we both got serviced but we decided to stay the night again as it was late on Friday. They were headed to the Strawberry festival in Lebanon, Oregon, and asked us to join them; Cec was scheduled to pitch in the horseshoe tournament there and they suggested our moral support might help.  So we said we would do that and we planned to leave early Saturday. But Friday night when we ran our generator, it quit again after running only a few minutes. We told the girls to go on and we stayed to call the service guy in again. It took him a better part of the day and with trail and error he discovered we had a bad thermostat; he didn't think he could get the part until Monday. But miracle of miracles, he found one locally and we were all set by 4:30 on Saturday, but we were not in the mood to drive anywhere. We spent the night again and ran the generator a lot to make sure all was well. 

Early Sunday we took off up I-5 and we didn't stop until we checked into Fort Stevens State Park in Astoria. Sadly we didn't see much of Oregon on this trip but we thoroughly enjoyed our week in this lovely setting. When we arrived in the afternoon we took off to explore this huge park. There is so much to do with miles of bike/hiking paths, the ocean, a historic fort and that is just in the park. We were so excited to be in this beautiful setting.

High up on a hill in town is the Astoria column and this is the view from the very top.

Monday morning we woke to rain and it didn't stop for three days. We never saw the sun, didn't bike and did very little walking but it didn't seem to matter we were very content. The weather forcasters were concerned because the upcoming weekend was the big Rose Festival in Portland and they needed a rain free day for the parade. I think the clouds cleared long enough for the parade. 

We headed across the bridge that is on the left side of the above picture and began driving 101 in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

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