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We used to print a recipe with each edition of our old newsletter, Movin' On, and we were in the process of publishing a Movin' On Cookbook when we decided that it was time to cease publication of our newsletter.

But these recipes are too good to just sit on a shelf so we made room for them here on our web site. We hope you try some of them and that you enjoy all of the great ideas from our readers.


Appetizers & Salads

Soups, Breads & Misc.

Meats & Main Dishes

Side Dishes & Vegetables


  Convection Oven tips

Please spend a little time looking at some of the other pages in our site. 

We write about our exciting, affordable lifestyle of living and traveling full-time in our motorhome. We have no other home. We roam around like turtles with our homes on our back and have been living on the road since March of 1989. We share a lot of our adventures on the pages beyond the recipe section. Please take a peek into this lifestyle shared by over one million others who live as we do. It's okay to be curious about how we live.