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On March 30th, 1989, exactly two weeks after Ron  retired as Deputy Director of Finance for the Michigan Department of Transportation, we turned in our town house keys and started the ignition of our new home--a 24 foot motorhome similar to this. Hooked up behind the motorhome was our car with the mountain bikes perched on top. 

We had only been on the road 10 months when we decided to do a newsletter for our family. With nine children, 12 grandchildren, elderly parents, one brother and eight sisters plus lots of friends, we just thought that was the easiest way to keep every one posted on our adventures. We printed 30 copies of that first issue which was only one double-sided page. Since then our newsletter, Movin'On  had grown to ten full pages complete with photos and was sent out to over 800 subscribers. The February 1998 issue was the last one. After eleven years, it became a big business that took more and more of our time. We wanted to get back to playing and something had to go. Now we will concentrate on keeping this web page current and informative. 

In the fourteen years since we embarked on this new lifestyle, we have visited all of the 48 contiguous states (some many times), Canada and Mexico. We have donated  a little more than two years as volunteers to the National Park Service, climbed mountains, biked through a Utah canyon, rafted the Snake River, shopped in quiet little towns, and visited large cities, made hundreds of new friends, learned new games, spent quiet as well as busy times and loved every minute of  this great lifestyle. 

After three and one half years we traded in the small motorhome (Ron & Barb's  cocoon) for a 34 foot Bounder. Barb called it her mansion. What started out to be a one or two year adventure turned into a permanent lifestyle. In December of 1996 we traded again; this time we purchased a 39 foot, luxurious American Dream motorhome which Barb called her "castle." 

Shortly after our adventure began, Ron realized that many wanted to live the same relaxed lifestyle, but were afraid because of the logistics which seemed insurmountable. Since the lifestyle is simple and inexpensive we set down to write a book about the full-timing lifestyle and how to get ready for it so others would not be afraid to venture out. There were few books on the subject, and none gave insight to the economic or social aspects of full-timing. Our book, An Alternative Lifestyle--Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle, was first released in May of 1992 and after two revisions and many printings has sold over 16,000 copies. Each time we printed, we updated so the book was always current. The last printing date was August of 1997. The book which one reviewer described as "a how-to book that reads like an adventure story" is out of print. But replacing our first book is our latest book, Movin' On---Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle. It is for sale at all book stores, through many web sites, and can be ordered directly from us.

Because of the folksy nature of our publications we wereconstantly sought after for interviews. We have been interviewed on 50,000 watt radio stations, featured in big, full-page feature stories in most large, city newspapers, presented seminars on full-time RVing at rallies both large and small. Good Morning America did a nice piece on us in February of 1994. Money magazine presented our story to viewers of CNN/fn and New York One. We also wrote a weekly article on full-timing for the Arizona Republic newspaper and a semi monthly articles in RV Companion. With the baby-boomers nearing retirement, news of this affordable, adventuresome lifestyle is like music to their ears. 

Read about full-timing as it was reported in the
In 1997 we put a lot of miles on our new diesel pusher. We left Florida in February and headed to California to present our seminar at the Spring Escapade in Chico, California. From there we headed to Colorado to celebrate Barb's 60th birthday and for the first time in 18 years she had all of her children together in one spot. And that spot was a beautiful Coast to Coast resort right in the Rockies. From Colorado (May) we headed to Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. By August we were in  New York State, Pennsylvania, and Ohio (another seminar at an RV show) and the first part of September we were in West Virginia for the fall Escapade and yet another seminar. 

We spent the winter of 97-98 in  Mesa, Arizona. It was the longest we ever sat in one place. We left Mesa on May 28th and traveled in Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Alberta, Canada. To take a peek at what we saw and where we went look at our Places page. 

We stayed in Mesa again for the winter of 98-99 and during the summer we traveled to Indiana, Michigan, Ontario-Canada, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. All of the stories are in back issues of our What's New pages and in back issues of our newsletter as well as selected articles in Places. 

For the winter of 1999-2000 we traveled to Texas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. We also got in an accident but weren't hurt; the motorhome suffered but has been rebuilt to its original beauty. All of the information on our travels are again in old What's New, Newsletter and Places.

We spent the summer of 2000 traveling up the California Coast, in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Denver, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana then returned to Mesa via red roads (those marked in red on maps) traveling in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and New Mexico. We wrote about our houseboat trip on Lake Powell in northern Arizona in the Places section. 

In 2001 we volunteered at the Three Island Crossing State Park in Idaho then taught again at the Life on Wheels school in Moscow, Idaho, then we picked up a couple of grandchildren and took them to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone then we drove them back home to Kansas City. We headed to Michigan and spend the rest of the summer there and then traveled down the eastern coast to finally visit Charleston, Savannah and other southern cities and as always our little adventures can be found in What's New Old pages

In March of 2002 we celebrated 13 years of being on the road and as we move through our 14th year, we feel very blessed that we have had an opportunity to see and do so much in this great country. 

Early in April of 2002 we took off for California and wandered through that beautiful state for two months and went up the coast of Oregon and Washington. We visited places we had never been before like LaPush, Bellingham and Leavenworth, Washington. We also visited Lopez (in the San Juan Islands) for the first time. After teaching at the Life on Wheels in Idaho, we went to Glacier National Park with two grandchildren. After flying them home we took off across U.S. Route 2 to Michigan from there we visited New York state and Vermont. By November we were in Jacksonville, Florida for one month. We spent a month in West Palm Beach and another month in Tampa while doing seminars at LazyDays RV Supercenter. While there we shocked everyone by buying a house in Gold Canyon, Arizona. We had lost our full-time status but vowed to continue to travel in our Dream. But after traveling the whole summer of 2003, we realized that the Dream is just too big to keep as a vacation vehicle. We have sold it and before next summer we will purchase a small Class C motorhome simular to the one we started out in and keep that for our RVing vacations. RVers are special people and we can't imagine being without them and an RV in which to travel. We will be back out on the road soon.

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