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What's New from January 1999

Posted January 6, 1999
Basically we have nothing new that we didn't just put in the newsletter, but I wanted to share some pictures.

Windmills along I-10 in California's Coachella Valley. We were just in California on some very windy days so they were doing their job. We wrote about them in our newsletter in 1995 and that story is in the new book, Movin' On, on page 314. If you have never seen them before you will be surprised at their number and the look of them.

Gary and Maryellen Mencimer, full-timers from Colorado, have found a winter haven at Outdoor Resorts in Cathedral City, California, and have settled right in complete with golf cart, stainless steel BBQ grill, patio furniture and even a patio heater. They will still be moving that American Dream along the highways in the summer months and are even thinking of volunteering at Grand Teton National Park this coming summer.

  We have been getting in a lot of good biking with friends Bud and Elaine Hamm, full-timers from Colorado. One of our favoriet rides is to the Iowa Cafe for breakfast. It is one of those old fashioned down-home cafes and is located on McKelleps near 56 St. It is a nine mile ride from here (one way). Bud and Elaine have enjoyed the group bike rides here in the park also. How do you like that big Saguaro cactus that they are in front of? It is one of my favorites.

Fun on New Year's Eve

Bud & Elaine Hamm               Norma and Jim Neve

Toni & Teresa Taddei            Ron & I

Ron and Barb, with Jim and Norma Neve
Ron and Jim were good friends when they began dating Norma and I. While we were still working, we spend every New Years Eve together. In the ten years that we have been on the road, we always called them on New Years, but this was the first time we could be together away from Michigan for this special evening.

At our happy hour on December 30. Great picture thanks to Toni.

Back Row   L-R Susan Steinert & Bernie Kranz, Norma & Jim Neve, Karen Johnston, Ron, Elaine & Bud Hamm, Barb (me), Bobbie & Rich Brookmann.
Front Row  L-R  Toni & Teresa Taddei, Judy Adkins and Cec Conway.

   Thought you'd like to see our little Christmas tree which is now packed away deep into our basement storage area.

Posted January 9, 1999
We have started a new section of this web page. Ron will be writing a weekly column (I hope) titled View from the Driver's Seat. We just published his first article.

Posted January 31, 1999
I have just updated our links page and added some new sites which I think you will like. We are leaving tomorrow to get ready for the Camp Out which will be held at Lost Dutchman State Park, February 2-4. This means that our house (motorhome) will be gone from Valle del Oro and we will not have a telephone (or electric, water or sewer for that matter). I will get your emails when we return back to our base here on Thursday. I expect to get our newsletter out soon after the Camp Out.

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