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We had one for a while, but gave it up due to lack of interest. I did keep a bunch of the messages from our original board and have them in a section called  Board Archives 

I have just created a Yahoo group for us. There we can post thoughts, questions and of course get answers from us and everyone else. I sincerely hope that a lot of you participate. Originally I was going to add more to our web site here, but we will get faster results by this way as I won't have to edit them. You do have to sign in (there is no charge) and you can elect to have the messages sent to you once a day in one lump (that is what I have selected) or you can choose to only have important messages sent. There are lots of choices. So far the only message is my greeting. I would like to see 50 messages left today. Okay? I have tried message boards and a chat room before but I think this one will really work. Let's do it!!!!!

                      Group name: movinon 
                      Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/movinon 
                      Group email address: movinon@yahoogroups.com

I am now routing everyone to the RV America message board which is very active and has tons of information on it. Click on the happy face to go there.