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We're sad to say that we are no longer accepting questions or letters for publication. We enjoyed the letters, but some abused the privilege by sending large files with pictures and because we use our cell phone to get much of our email it just became a problem. 

We really like to hear from you though email us at our new address.  We are not interested in jokes or chain letters and pictures are still a no-no. 

About questions you might have: we really want to help you get on the road and enjoy this exciting lifestyle. That is why we wrote the book. Most of your questions are answered in our book, Movin' On---Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle which can be purchased at any bookstore and various sites on the web. 

To further help you we have also added a Frequently Asked Questions page and have an archives page from our old message board.

If there is a problem with some part of our web site, please contact the webmaster. Please do not use this email address to write with questions or general comments.