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How do you get mail?

We use the Escapees mail forwarding service which we consider to be the very best but there are many other such services; they are detailed in our book, Movin' On---Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle.

How much does this lifestyle cost?

As much money as you have. This may sound like a flip answer but it is basically true. If you only have a moderate savings (sale of the house) and social security you can live this lifestyle. The lifestyle can be adjusted to almost any income. We have two chapters in the book (Movin' On) on finances where we bare our souls and give examples of the basic needs and what we spend. These two chapters were why we were asked to be on Good Morning America. 

How do you get Email if you live in an RV?

Believe it or not but most campgrounds now have a modem in the office just for guests. You would need a lap top which you can take to the office. You also need to be with a provider that has either an 800 number or lots of local numbers. We download mail, read and answer it later, then upload the replies. We can't sit and surf the net unless we go to a library and use their computer. Occasionally we find a campground with phone hookups at each site; they may be costly but fun to have once in a while. Also popular among full-timers is Pocket Mail which is easy to use but it is just for email. There are new satelite systems coming out which would allow you to move from place to place, but they are still quite costly. We also use a cell phone with a special modem connected to our lap top to get mail occasionally. It won't be quite like being at home with a phone line but then seeing all of the wonders of our country won't be like sitting at home either. It is a trade off.

Can a family do this full-timing thing?

Absolutely, but we are not the experts in this category. We suggest that you look at the Families on the Road web site for help from those who are doing it. 

Is it difficult to get medical care while full-timing?

This is another question which happens to be detailed thoroughly in Movin' On. We have both had major surgery since we began this lifestyle. We met a man who was on the road after having a heart transplant and others with other major medical conditions who have done very well. We feel that we have a network of doctors as we travel around. Just think of each visit to a new doctor as a second opinion. Do carry medical records with you and keep them up to date. 

We are preparing to travel full-time, but don't know if we should live in a motorhome, 5th wheel or trailer?

Everyone has a different reason for living in whatever kind of house they live in and the same goes for full-timers. Our readers discussed this very subject in length and it is included in our message board archives page. These responses should give you more to think about. Which RV?

Note from Barb
I have just created a Yahoo group for us. There we can post thoughts, questions and of course get answers from us and everyone else. I sincerely hope that a lot of you participate. Originally I was going to add more to our web site here, but we will get faster results by this way as I won't have to edit them. You do have to sign in (there is no charge) and you can elect to have the messages sent to you once a day in one lump (that is what I have selected) or you can choose to only have important messages sent. There are lots of choices. So far the only message is my greeting. I would like to see 50 messages left today. Okay? I have tried message boards and a chat room before but I think this one will really work. Let's do it!!!!!

                      Group name: movinon 
                      Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/movinon 
                      Group email address: movinon@yahoogroups.com

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